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Schoeller-Bleckmann Aerospace Technology

About us

Schoeller-Bleckmann Aerospace Technology (SBAT) a Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment (SBOE) brand operates out of 20 Global Subsidiaries.
We serve Aerospace & Defence customers across our American, European and Asia Supply Chain Networks.
Strategically, Aerospace and Defence have been identified as adjacent markets with synergistic attributes for business growth.

Metallurgical expertise and innovative engineering are at the heart of our DNA. We provide special alloys together with high precision, hard metal complex machining capabilities.
Additionally, we have built our reputation and extensive track record on special processes, additive manufacturing technologies and composite integration with metallic components.


11 Countries
20 Operating Sites

Annual Sales

1200 Employees

450 + CNC

Our service offering

Through more than a century of experience we have constantly developed leading edge technologies and built our core capabilities around high precision machining.




Material engineering & provider

Our metallurgical knowledge enables us to provide our customers with raw material solutions to meet specific requirements such as high strength and extreme conditions resistance. 

High precision manufacturer

We are more than just a machine shop, we are part of the manufacturing solution. Our commitment to excellence produces high-precision part components as well as
complicated turn-key assemblies. 

Innovative manufacturer

Innovation is at the heart of our way of working. Our engineering DNA and integrated process approach enable us to provide our customers with complex
machining and manufacturing solutions.

Additive manufacturer 

Through our extensive R&D programme, additive manufacturing sub-technologies have been analysed during the last 10 years and run now in both batch and series production mode to provide cost effective alternatives to conventional processes.

Composite integrator

We can combined metallic parts with mulitple additional composite and plastic materials.
That is the strength of our composite integration service.


Our service offering is what makes us
different and what defines our expertise.


Our history defines who we are. Since 1924, Shoeller Bleckmann has grown and developped its expertise all over the year. Perfecting its skills in the oilfield equipment, the group is writing a new page of its history with the creation of the Shoeller Bleckmann Aerospace Technology brand.

Global manufacturing landscape

Geographical Distribution

Capabilities Distribution

Core capabilities Distribution

Core capabilities key data

Geographical Presence

Part of Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment (SBOE), we operate all over the world. We have three different types of sites: our headquarters, our high precision component manufacturing site and our maintenance & regular services sites.

Our case studies

Discover some of our work that shows the extent of our expertise.


Typical Oilfield component cross section

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Additive Manufacturing

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